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This Database is for People working in the Hospitality Industry, and people working in Marketing Companies that Serve the Hospitality Industry.

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Membership to the database is free.  The database is directed at bartenders and anyone who works in the hospitality industry in any capacity.

The main purpose of the Worldwide Bartender Database is to enable communication between bartenders, bar owners, and spirits companies.  As of November, 2010, we have over 2,000 members all over the world, so if, say, a gin company wants to reach out to a bartender in Mumbai, Moscow, or Milwaukee, we can find the best bartenders in those cities, and put them together with the company looking for them.

Worldwide Bartender Database members receive The Bartender Bulletin—a weekly missive packed with solid info on Spirits, Cocktails, and Bartending—The Weekly Shooter, a newsletter filled with classified ads directed at bartenders, news about competitions, etc. work opportunities with spirits companies and marketers, and all manner of information pertinent to bartenders.  Members also receive the Ardent Spirits eLetter, a fun newsletter with links to boozey stories from all over the world.


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Marketers and Liquor Company Types
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