You KNOW you want to buy my book.
You KNOW you want to buy my book.

Links of Interest


The good folk at American Feast offer fabulous American foods from sustainable sourses, but that's not all--one of the big-wigs there is a very old friend of ours.  Known Jeff since Drake's Drum days, we have.  Go buy some food from them, wudja?


Our old friend, Peter LaFrance, provides, well, Beer Basics on this site, and don't forget to subscribe to his newsletter (of special interest to brewers, members of the brewing community, chefs, restaurateurs, and members of the media that cover the beverage alcohol business), HOT TRUB, while you're there.


Charles K. Cowdery

Author of the wonderful book "Bourbon, Straight," a man without a logo on his web site, and a whining bastard who wouldn't let us rest until we linked to him.


THE site to go to for cocktail recipes and info on ingredients, etc.  Ably run by that scalawag Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh, one of the true gurus of the cocktail world, and Martin Doudoroff, the cocktail and computer geek of Manhattan


Like they say . . . Just about everything about alcohol


Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

Lots of solid information here. picture 


DrinkBoy is our friend.  DrinkBoy is Robert Hess, a computer geek with a huge passion for all things cocktailian. Thoughtful essays and notes on many aspects of the bartender's craft here.


Click here to go to my on-line community

DrinkBoy's Discussion Forum on MSN

World-class bartenders, amateur cocktailians, and absolute beginners meet here for the most interesting discussions about cocktails we've ever witnessed. Join this site now.

You know this guy, right?  Dale DeGroff.  Real Big Shot and--listen carefully--a True Blue Top-Class Bartender in every sense of the word.  Go visit him.


Lew Bryson dot com

The man with the laugh . . .  Lew is another good friend who bills himself as, "the award-winning, beer-drinking, whiskey-sipping, brewery-visiting, cask-tapping, thirst-creating drinks writer!"


Our local joint in Cornwall-on-Hudson.  It's one of the reasons we moved here.  Honest.


Peychaud's Bitters: (

They're hard to find, and very important to the cocktailian bartender. Order them here. No. We don't get a cut!


The Restaurant Guys: (

The Restaurant Guys are Mark Pascal and Francis Schott. They have been in the restaurant and wine business on the high end for about 20 years each. They met in college and now own and operate Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ, one of the most highly regarded Contemporary American Restaurants on the East Coast.


Theme Magazine (

Theme Magazine is the monthly British publication for the licensed retail sector, read by the greatest number of buyers, specifiers, designers, architects, brand managers and decision makers in the bar and restaurant business.


World Wide Words (

Although you'll find some drink-related words here, that's not the focus of this site. "The best of many sites devoted to words and their origins," Lesley Reader, Independent on Sunday, 26 January 2001.

Bars & Restaurants


Our local joint, and the inn where Cocktails in the Country takes place. Painters is one of the reasons we moved to Cornwall-on-Hudson.


The Violet Hour

Our friend Toby Maloney is involved in this joint, and by all accounts it's a real winner.

Various Blogs and Web Sites of Interest

Mix, Shake, and Pour

mix shake and pour provides everything needed to make delicious contemporary and classic cocktails at home. Search or browse our hand picked collection of cocktail recipes and easily mix these mouth watering drinks with our fool-proof shot by shot guides and cocktail mixing instructions.


Cocktail Consultants

The Cocktail Guru
Cocktailian consultant extraordinaire, our very own Jonathan Pogash holds forth here. (and he lets his dad hang here, too. Wadda son, huh?
Contemporary Cocktails, Inc
Cocktail legends Willy Shine and Aisha Sharpe head up this incredibly great company.
Alchemy Consulting
Toby Maloney, who we know and love, and his buddy Jason Cott, who we don't know but he puts up with Toby so give him a break, head up this one.  Bound to be great.

Magazine Sites

All About Beer: (

Bartender Magazine: (

Bourbon Country Reader: (

in the Mix Magazine –

Malt Advocate: (

The Spirit Journal: (

Theme Magazine: (

Whisky: (

Wine Enthusiast: (

Beer, Cider, Etc. Sites

Bass Ale: ( (not live yet)

Beer Games Guide: (

Benelux Beerguide: (

Bert Grant's: (

Boddingtons: (

California Cider Company: (

Czechvar: (

Cooking with Beer: (

Flying Fish Brewing Company: (

Full Sail Brewing Company: (

Grolsch: (

Hacker-Pschorr: (

Heineken: (

King & Barnes: ( (not live yet)

Labatt: (

Maritime Pacific Brewing Company: (

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage: (

Merchant du Vin: (

New Belgium Brewing Company: (

Pike Brewing: (

Real Beer: (

Rogue Ales: (

Sam Adams: (

Sapporo: (

Smuttynose Brewing Co. (New Hampshire): (

Vanberg & DeWulf: Belgian Beer Experts: (

Beverage Related Sites

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States: (

Book and Bookstore Sites

Alibris: ( (

Around the Kitchen: (

Bourbon, Straight: ( by Charles K. Cowdery

Jessica's Biscuit: (

Spirit Sites

Aberlour Scotch: (

Absente: (

Absinthe: (

Absolut: (

Alcohol Reviews: (

Allied Domecq (U.K.): (

American Scotch Malt Whisky Society: (

Appleton Rum: (

Armagnac Cames: (

Ballantines Scotch: ( Rare, Vintage and Limited Edition Whisky Shop (

Boru Vodka

British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

Brown-Forman: (

Buffalo Trace Distillery: (

Bushmills Irish Whiskey: (

Buxrud's Whisky Pages: (

Cabo Wabo Tequila: (

Canadian [Malt] Whisky Society: (

Canadian Mist: (

Captain Morgan Rum: (

Celtic Crossing Liqueur

Charbay Distillers: (

Chartreuse: (

Classic Malts of Scotland: (

Clear Creek: (

Cointreau: (

Courvoisier: (

Cutty Sark: (

George Dickel Tennessee Whisky: (

Glenmorangie: (

Grand Marnier: (

Jack Daniel's: (

Jim Beam Brands: (

Jameson's Irish Whiskey:

Jose Cuervo: (

Just Minitures: (

Harveys Sherry: ( (under construction)

Hennessy: (

Kahlúa: (

Kentucky Bourbon Circle: (

Kentucky Bourbon Festival: (

Kentucky Distillers Association: (

Knappogue Castle Whiskey

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch: (

Leyden Gin: (

John & Linda Lipman's Adventures in Bourbon Country: (

Maker's Mark: (

Matusalem Rum: (

Murray McDavid (single malt scotches): (

Palm Bay Imports: (

Pernod can be found at: (

St. George Spirits: (

Sauza Tequila: ( (under construction)

Sazerac: ( (

Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum: (

Silver Creek Distillery: (

Straight Bourbon: (

Tears of Scotland Scotch: (

Teton Glacier Vodka: (

Tia Maria: (

Van Gogh Gin: (

Van Winkle Whiskey: (

Whisky Magazine: (

Whisky Portal: (

Whisky Tastings: (

Whisky Web: (

Wyborowa: (

Zubrowka Bison Brand Vodka: (

Cocktail Sites

Cocktails at (

Dale DeGroff: (

DrinkBoy: (

Zigy's Martini Lounge: (

Wine Sites

Ariel (nonalcoholic wines): (

Belvedere Vineyards & Winery: (

The Champagne Information Bureau: (

Champers Direct: (

Clos du Val: (

Domaines Bouchard Pere & Fils: (

George Duboeuf: (

Fontana Candida: (

Ironstone Vineyards: (

Merchant du Vin: (

Moet & Chandon: (

Monsieur Henri: (

Jacob's Creek: (

Kenwood: (

Peak Wines International: (

Premium Port Wines, Inc.: (

About Wines: (

Frederick Wildman: (

Winebow: (

Wine Institute: (

Wines on the Internet: (

Wyndham Estate: (

Miscellaneous Sites

Eve and Bob Lape's Site: (

George's Private Mini Vodka Collection (

James T. Ehler, Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West FL: (

Marlene London(painter): (

Martini Picks: (

Pub Gear: (

Riedel Crystal of America: (

Sam Gugino: (

Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the Net: (


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