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The New App, The Sidecar, and We Think That The Citrus Has Finally Gotten to Jamie Boudreau . . . This, and More in this Very Special Edition of Ardent Spirits





Ardent Spirits e-letter

Volume 11, issue 6, March 19, 2009

by Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan
(c) 2009 Reganomics, Inc.



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This is the skinniest issue of Ardent Spirits we've seen in a good long time.  Makes you think we're not working hard enough, right?  We only wish that ere true! 


We're working on getting more cocktails downloaded onto our iPhone/iPod-Touch App (thanks to everyone who downloaded it this week--you've put us into the top-40 list in the Lifestyle category), and we're also busy putting the finishing touches onto The Bartender's Gin Compendium, a one-of-a-kind book that's being published by our sister company, Bar Rags, and is due on the shelves in October this year.  Or maybe earlier.


Till next time, then, be Ardent, be kind, and be good to yourselves 


In This Issue:


    The Cocktailian: Not The Cocktailian, Per se, But . . .

    Hot Links: Robert Hess, Jamie "The Pithmeister" Boudreau, and a FABULOUS Demo of the Mint Julep

    Potent Quotables: A Submarine Kiss

    Hot (News) Flashes: Events in New Orleans and Washington D.C.  Don't Miss These

    Worldwide Bartender Database



The Cocktailian

Not the Cocktailian, per se, but instead

We're bringing you this terrific piece by Jon Bonné, the Chief himslef:


First Published In:

The sidecar, simple? You've fallen into the classic trap. This timeless cocktail relies on three simple ingredients: brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice. That simplicity obscures a more confusing reality. By slightly shifting the three, you can emerge with more than a half-dozen notably different drinks. Cocktail books are all over the map. Under the sidecar rubric can be found the crazy tart, fiercely boozy or marginally potable . . .


Follow this Hot Link for the full story

Hot Links

The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess


This time out Robert brings us the Petrucio Cocktail


Clickety here to viddie to video


And here's where you can see Robert making the Cabaret Cocktail


Raising the Bar with Jamie Boudreau


Clickety here to see the bar-star teach you how to make a spiral zest


And since the man is obviously obsessed with lemon twists, clickety here if you'd also like him to teach you how to make a fat zest.


Ooops.  Hold on a minute . . . He's into flamed orange zests, too!


Hey, Jamie:  Are all Canadians this weird about zests?



The Barkeeper

Check out Brian Rea's new edition of The Barkeeper.  It's a doozy!



Clickety Here to See what Uncle Brian has for you . . .


You have to pretend that this is a Smithsonian Logo--their site won't let us copy it--just click here to get to their home page, and tell 'em we sent you, wudja?

The Smithsonian


This video is very very special indeed.  Don't miss it.  Phil Green is Phabulous, and Chris McMillian's presentation of the Mint Julep is an absolute classic.


Clickety here to see them in action.

Potent Quotables

A Submarine Kiss


Three sailors, in a Broadway bar, were partaking somewhat festively of strange.-looking drinks. Regular patrons, having beverages of the ordinary sort, looked on curiously while the fearless tars hoisted frequent glasses containing each a liquid combination that was milky white above and purple below.

"What in thunder was that they were drinking?'' asked someone after they had gone out.

"It's a new drink that's a great favorite in the navy," replied the head barkeeper. "It's called a 'submarine kiss.'"

Then he told them how it was made.

An hour later, in another bar, ten blocks up Broadway, some of the people who had seen the festive tars getting ready for a remorseful return to our prohibition navy, made a bet. The issue upon which the wager hung was whether or not a bartender is supposed to know, as a matter of ordinary technical knowledge, what a "submarine kiss" is. So they made their bet and asked an entirely new bartender if he knew how to make one.

"Certainly," said he. "A submarine kiss is a silver fizz floated on a pony of creme yvette in a hollow-stemmed champagne glass."

That was it. They looked at each other in silent amazement.

"Where did you learn how to make one?" they asked the bartender.

"Oh, I couldn't just say," he replied. "It's our business to keep posted about new drinks. This one started in the navy, I believe."

"Is there any paper or magazine that you can get the information from?"

"None that I know of. When a new drink- comes out you just hear about it in one way or another."

"Say, boys," said one of the party. "My business is easy."

And his business is to pick out wall paper designs that are going to be fashionable next season.

Mixer and Server  Published by Hotel and Restaurant Employee's International Alliance and Bartenders' International League of America., 1916.


Hot (News) Flashes


Join Laird and Company

and acclaimed mixologists—Christy Pope and Chad Solomon for an afternoon jam session dedicated to all things Applejack. They will be performing classics like the "Spirit of 76 Punch" and showcasing new releases like "Jumpin' Jack." Come learn, explore, and taste 300 years of history in this "spirited" presentation of Applejack, the "Spirit of Americana."



2321 18th Street NW

Washington, DC

Monday, March 23rd







New Orleans

Mixology Mondays in New Orleans: $20.  For more info and to register click here


(Attention cocktail history buffs: The Museum is looking for people willing to train to become docents for private tours. Those interested should contact Laura McMillian at

April 6th -   Jeff "Beachbum" Berry explores the history of the Mai Tai and will demonstrate a variety of recipes. Special guest, rum historian Stephen Remsberg, will discuss the original (now extinct) rums used in these recipes, and how their flavor profiles influenced Tiki mixologists back in the day. 

April 27th-  Julio Bermejo "Building a Distillery: a Labor of Love & Spirit" World renowned Ambassador of Tequila, Julio Bermejo, shares his knowledge and experience along with a few of his favorite Margarita variations including the Botanga and La Perla!


$20.00 pp when you register online: click here  $25 at the door (cash or check) Must be 21+ to attend. 


Washington, D. C.                                                             

We have a great cocktail seminar planned for Tax Day Eve, Tuesday, April 14th at Darlington House, Dupont Circle, NW.  Washington, D. C.  For more info click here,

Phil Greene

Museum of the American Cocktail



World Wide Bartenders Database


If you're a bartender you want to be a member of this database.


Trust us on this.



Join the Worldwide Bartender Database





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